eniac8 (eniac8) wrote in subcreation,

Special Effects

When I started working on these I thought my son would be impressed. When I showed him the first one of him brandishing a *real* light-saber (lower left), his reaction was rather blasé. It was as if this was precisely what how he had seen things when I took the photo of him with the toy saber, with the glowing effect already superimposed into the picture by his imagination. So when he saw it actually imposed, all he could say was "What, Dad?". It wasn't until I had Ducky (his favorite stuffed animal, and attachment object) standing upright in a dual with George (my favorite stuffed animal, and childhood attachment object) that he actually brightened up and said "Wow, Dad, how'd you do that?".

The last one (lower right) is my favorite of these. The implication of the relationship between the two is perfect. I can hear George saying, in his low menacing voice, "Ducky, I am your father's attachment animal".
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Wow! What a cute kid, he must have a georgeous mother!!