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Comic Script

Furious George
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A monkey receives a bicycle as a gift from a tall man (arms, legs and torso only visible within frames). The tall man offers to show him how to ride it, but the monkey stubbornly refuses any help, promptly placing the bike upside down and attempting to ride it. As he does so...
the friction of the tire spinning against his rear causes him great pain. He jumps off clutching his behind, squawking out a host of obscenities (edited "&@#$"), waving his hands in the air (which for the duration of the comic are permanently in the middle-fingers-out position from beginning to end), and kicking the bike over. The tall man then steps in, and sets the bicycle upright, and points at the seat. The monkey angrily pushes the tall man aside, reverses the bicycle to the upside-down position, and again attempts to ride on it while sitting on the wheel. The events replay as before, and this time the man shows a diagram to the monkey depicting the monkey riding on top of the bicycle right-side-up, in the seat, with an arrow in the picture indicating the seat. Furious, the monkey seizes the diagram, rips it, stamps on it, and eats the shreds, then after shoving aside the tall man once more inverts the bike, and proceeds to ride on the tire again. Eventually the tall man takes the bicycle and leaves the monkey as angry as ever.

MORAL: this skit is an illustration of the contrast between God's patience with us when we refuse to live life in the way that He intends.

STYLE: only slightly reminiscent of the original inquisitive ape and his yellow-dressed friend. Should be cruder; almost vulgar in fashion.
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