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Story Idea - Synopsis

The Invasion
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Short animated sequence depicting an attack on a conventional (although futuristic) military force, by an alien force.

The conventional force would be stylized to evoke memories of WWII and Nazism. They would consist mostly of automated tanks, jets, robots, and heavily armored troops who appear almost inhuman behind their night-vision goggles, gas masks, and armor.

The alien force would remain unseen, in the darkness until the moment of the assault. At that point it would appear first as a point of light that would flash and spread (like a nuclear blast, or an Akira-style blast) and encompass the soldiers looking on from the front line. Those soldiers would first be blinded, but their goggles would kick in and restore their vision, allowing them to make out the form of the object that is charging them -- which is that of a humanoid being mounted on a horse-like creature, still far off in the distance.

A command is issued and the jets strike the alien force first, raining down thousands of bombs onto it. All of these are swallowed up into it without any visual sign of detonation or impact.

As the force draws closer, the tanks open fire. Again no sign of an effect on the advancing force.

One of the commanders encourages the soldiers to hold firm as they embrace for the assault. The robots advance forward, shielding the men behind them.

As the attackers close within a hundred yards, the soldiers with their goggles on begin to make out the forms of the army surrounding the one at the front, from whom all the blinding light seems to be coming. The sound that had been a low rumbling in the distance is now a crescendo of thunder.

The robots open up massive machine gun fire as the alien force washes over the front line, engulfing them. In the intensity of the light up close, even with the goggles the soldiers are unable to make out the shapes of their enemies who are upon them. Everything is a mass of light flashing, and the thundering noise is now like an earthquake.

From the command station, generals and intelligence coordinators struggle to make sense of the information they have, with indecipherable screens in front of them.

Then from the front, darkness suddenly returns. The surviving soldiers struggle to get their goggles off so they can see, and what they see is that they are in the midst of battle with many humanoid creatures all mounted on horse-like creatures. All the creatures are semi-translucent and are aglow from and inner light. Each is shielded by large round-triangular glass-like plates mounted on arms extending from necks of the large creatures that are being ridden, almost giving them the appearance of winged-horses. They wield a weapon which emit controlled fields of a pure-white energy, which most have fashioned like swords and are using them as such, while others manage them more like crossbows, shooting blasts of the energy from them. The heavily armored tanks and robots melt like butter on contact with the energy.

At the moment that they received back their vision the conventional force was being trounced like pillaged villagers, as they, their robots, and tanks were cut down by the advancing torrents. But, now able to see their opponents, many of the soldiers begin to land gunfire on the flesh of the creatures and they spray liquid and cripple under it like any living thing would. Their blood is brightly illuminated when it is exposed to air, but fades and quickly turns black on the ground. The glow of the dead creatures dims and goes out. However, gunfire striking the clear wing-like shields sparks as they are deflected leaving no trace of impact on them.

The generals command another wave of air assaults, now able to see, as the ground troops are, what the situation is there. Also, they are nervously following the position of the leading creature that brought with it the blinding light, and is closing in on the position of the command center.

Now among the alien force, the conventional troops are able to see how the air assaults are thwarted. Before this, few of them had noticed the flock of flying bird-like creatures (all semi-translucent and illuminated like the others) overhead. As the bombs descended upon them, the flock changed formation, swarming furiously upon itself, the creatures intercept each bomb by swallowing them in mid-air. Each creature that captures one this way immediately departs from the flock and flies as far as it can before exploding.

One of the flying creatures is struck by a bomb (without exploding), which is then caught by another creature, causing the first creature to fall to the ground. It lands among the fight, and it can be seen in context of everything else that it is fairly larger than the horse-like creatures (which are themselves a bit giant-ish).

At the command center armored soldiers race downward through a stairwell, toward the lone attacker. The stairwell is filled with light and the column of soldiers is engulfed and defeated.

A general at the command center shouts an order, and a team of hazmat-like soldiers rush toward the front line in trucks with large tank canisters on top of them. They arrive as large crowds of troops begin to surrender to the invaders. Immediately they unroll large hoses, and begin spray large clouds of gas onto the battleground.

Everything is engulfed and for a minute none of the hazmat soldier (who are sitting in the airtight cockpits of the trucks) can see any of what's going on through the thick yellow cloud. First they see that their own men, who were holding the hoses, despite their suits, are lying dead on the ground. As it begins to clear the forms of the creatures, still mounted and armed, completely unharmed by the chemicals, charge out of the smoke. Patches of clearing show that all of the human soldiers have succumbed to the chemical attack.

Back at the headquarters, the leader of the attack enters the room, blinding everyone (all of whom do not have protective goggles). The screens all blitzed, go white and then dark at the exact moment preceding the entrance. The figure stands in the middle of the room, the outline of him discern-able as the iconic Jesus pose, everyone prostrate on the ground before him.

Cut to black.

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